Friday, January 24, 2014

CNY Goodies

 What is chinese new year without the sin food.

The Bak Kwa, sliced BBQ pork. Queing for 3 hours for the artery clogging meat a week or so before the new year is the norm.

Note the price, one month before the new year...

And 2 weeks before the new year...

And the other "delights" is also a must have for the family.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Smell of Winter

January. The time of the year when an intoxicating mesmerising sweet smell waft into the house.

Alstonia scholaris. Locally called the Pulai tree, it makes the air becomes thick with the flowers’ pungent odour.

Some residents may feel nauseous. The odour can trigger headaches.

Pingtung City, Taiwan, the Works Dept said they receive a large number of complaints during the tree’s flowering. They say that if the city government cannot find a solution, they will demand compensation from the central government.

Some of the trees are close to classrooms. The odor can severely affect students in class. The Pingtung county government have to cut down the trees and replant with other less offending species.

This tiny petal does pack a punch.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Horse Horoscope

What is chinese new year without the horoscope.

This is a fairly tough year for people born in the year of the Rat. It’s advisable that you ride with the year’s energies rather than trying hard to fight it as this will only disappoint you. Your success luck was very strong last year but in 2014, it’s pretty poor. So it’s not a good year to be overly ambitious in your career or business. It’s advisable to lie low.

This is a good year for the Ox. You exude an aura of strong self-confidence and people will be drawn to you naturally. Because of these positive elements, the year of the Horse is like a wish-granting year for you. Be bold to take career or business risks and try new things. Businessmen and entrepreneurs especially should take advantage of this good luck.

There are more negative than positive elements for the Tiger. You must keep an eye on people around you who have ill intentions. While there is money to be made, there is also money to be lost. Beware of betrayal or scams. Conserve your energy and do not be too aggressive in chasing your goals as you may not be able to cope with the challenges.

The Rabbit will not be feeling especially gung ho in the year 2014. If you have been meaning to take a vacation, this is the good year to do so. This year, you will face some issues with your health. For your love life, be prepared for a choppy ride.

The Dragon will have another wonderful year. You are brimming with new ideas. Your wealth luck will flourish. Control your temper, and be tolerant so as not to affect your work life, family members, partner, and your children. The mantra for you in 2014 is “stay calm".

The year of the horse is fairly good for the Snake. Take advantage of your success luck in bringing positive growth to your career or business. There are many things occupying your attention that love and romance could take a back seat.

It is a mix year for the Horse. Wealth luck is good. For those who are in relationship, this year can bring you the luck of commitment and marriage. So take it easy and deal with things as they come. This year will become more extraordinary for you in a good way as it progresses.

The Sheep will enjoy a wonderful year filled with opportunities. You get help and support when needed. Enjoy the good fortune luck Your determination, drive and self-confidence are high. You will experience happiness and security in your love life.

The Monkey will be plagued by an exhausting and challenging year. People in business will be hitting some rough patches. Monkey people need to be surrounded with positive people. Refrain from getting too carried away in new relationships.

2014 is a fabulous year of success for the Rooster. There is hidden support from unexpected forces that will help you achieve exciting accomplishments. Whether you are still seeking or in the dating game, this a good year for you.

The Dog has mixed luck this year. Unfortunately success luck is low. However you will enjoy good health luck. It’s a year you should not take new relationship too seriously and to simply let things flow naturally. Your career luck is strong though.

The Pig will enjoy success, and can expect a breakthrough in your career. Wealth and health luck is also good. Read contracts thoroughly before you pen your signature. Love life is disappointing for the year. The romantic chemistry is simply not there.